Harness the Heating Power of Hot Water

Get a hydronic heating installation in Somerset, MA

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Did you know that your HVAC system could have an impact on how you experience allergies in your home and whether you experience them at all? Install a heating system that doesn't just blow hot air. In addition to plumbing installations, Wicked Plumbing LLC offers hydronic heating installations in Somerset, MA that will heat your home while improving your indoor air quality.

This system uses hot water to heat the surround air. It's energy efficient and can heat a room quickly. The trick is that the heat flows from the bottom of the room to the top.

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3 types of hydronic systems

3 types of hydronic systems

You’ll appreciate the benefits of our mini-split heating systems. They are:

  1. Effective at heating individual rooms
  2. Easily installed and customizable
  3. Efficient at conserving energy

Don’t just turn to us when you need plumbing services. When you need a mini-split heating system, reach out to us from the start. Call now to learn more about our heating installation services today.